Chiropractic Care Common Myths and Mistakes!

When it comes to personal health, most people are very skeptical about trying alternative treatments. There are so many myths that surround alternative care. These myths ultimately result in the fear of trying anything outside of traditional medical care.

The top 7 myths about chiropractic treatment are: It is painful, it is too expensive, it is not scientific, once you start it is a life-long commitment, chiropractors are not “real doctors”, it is dangerous, and chiropractic care only treats back pain. Let us take a closer look into the validity of these myths.

1. “Chiropractic treatment is a painful process”. Spinal and joint adjustments are virtually painless. Most patients experience immediate pain relief after the first session. There are some cases where patients will experience some pain and stiffness at the site of the adjustment, headaches, fatigue, and/or muscle spasms. It all depends on the patient’s health and physical conditions/injuries, but most do not experience any pain during or after the session.

2. “Chiropractic care is too expensive”. When you break down the cost of traditional methods of care, chiropractic treatment is only a fraction of the cost. A study done by the state of Florida’s workman’s comp. board did a research in 1988 which showed that the average cost per patient for chiropractic treatment is $558 compared to $1,100 per patient for traditional medical care.

3. “Chiropractic care is not based on scientific evidence”. There are numerous studies, which can be found online, that confirm the validity of chiropractic treatment as a viable alternative to traditional methods of medical care. Chiropractic care is physically and mentally beneficial, has very few side effects, and is far more cost effective when compared to traditional medical treatment.

4. “Once a patient receives their first chiropractic session, they will have to go for the rest of their life”. Everyone goes to the doctor for a yearly physical or the dentist for their routine cleaning. With chiropractic care, once the immediate issue is resolved/under control, routine check-ups are recommended but not required. This is due to the fact that your spine and joints are compressed by every day activities. It is recommended that you get periodical adjustments as a preventative measure against misalignments, but it is not a requirement. Some people only make an appointment when something hurts or doesn’t feel right, and then discontinue the treatment when the issue is resolved. Others believe that being proactive by getting regular chiropractic treatment is more beneficial to their health and overall well being.

5. “Chiropractors are not real doctors”. To become a chiropractor, several things must take place before and just after graduation. First, they must complete 2 to 4 years of pre-med schooling. After that, they must complete 4 to 5 years at a chiropractic college. Just before or right after graduation from the chiropractic college, they must log in several hundred clinical hours. This is a hands-on experience with real patients. Once that has been completed, the last step is passing the state and national board test(s). The curriculum is very close and almost as rigorous as those attending medical school.

6. “Chiropractic adjustments are dangerous”. If adjustments are made by a licensed and highly qualified/skilled/experienced chiropractor, the risk of spinal injury is extremely rare. More physicians are recommending spinal adjustments before a patient decides to pursue traditional methods of treatment such as medications and surgery. The risks are much greater with all of the side effects from medication and the possible complications of surgery. Chiropractic care is virtually painless and is a much safer choice.

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7. “Chiropractic care only treats back pain”. Chiropractic care can treat or help lessen the symptoms of numerous conditions such as soft tissue disorders/conditions, migraine headaches, Fibromyalgia, ear infections in children, ADHD/ADD, Autism, and depression. Yes, the treatments can be effective for back, spine, neck pain along with a plethora of other disorders and conditions.

Now that you are aware of the myths and the truth about chiropractic care, you can make your appointment with a chiropractor licensed in your state to begin your journey to living a better and healthier life.

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